Lately Life // Baking With Ari

Rainy day tunes, comfy sweats, and cookies. Tell me honestly.   What could be better? Baking those cookies with my favorite darling girl, that's what!   Life has been a subtle kind of busy. We've got plans everyday, but it's stuff like cleaning out our storage building or renewing my license... So today is exactly … Continue reading Lately Life // Baking With Ari


How YOU can detox sugar. My experience.

I have recently completed a 24 day, sugar detox (insert resounding applause here)!!   I've had quite of a few digestive issues, and over all health issues that really needed to be addressed. I've actually been addressing them slowly but surely for about a year now, so this was just part of the journey.    Now, … Continue reading How YOU can detox sugar. My experience.