April Goals // Spring Cleaning ideas

Humans. It’s April already! Where is the time going?!

It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been through a quarter of this year.


Anyways, because my little babe is due next month, I thought I’d share my April goal list. It’s pretty long, including some business plans.

But we are all friends here, so I guess I’m ready to share some goals I’ve been working on. Although, they are apt to change time wise, because. .
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Becoming a Morning Person.


Last month I wrote a post about my serious need for a morning routine. It was more or less accountability for myself because I’ve never been a morning person.


Until now?

Well, not really. I’m quite fond of the night, but I do actually get up in the morning and successfully start my day hours earlier than before, and I am a person. So I qualify. . Right?

And here is how—
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7 tips to a fresh house after vacation 

Coming home after a vacation always leaves me feeling a bit drained and tired. Of course, never wanting to worry about the cleanliness of my home. So I often try to leave it as tidy as possible.  

When I was younger, my mom was really good about keeping the house clean, especially before we left for an extended period of time. I’m sure that if she hadn’t, it would’ve never set well with our vacation blues and would’ve made returning home much less enjoyable. 

Arriving back, after a long adventure shouldn’t be accompanied by dreading the house you are heading to. Your abode should be comforting. Inspiring. 

I’ve compiled a list of tips to help achieve just that;

1. Lower A.C. by two degrees, set to dehumidify (if you have that option), and open all doors inside for better circulation.  

2. Clean our refrigerator. Discard all leftovers or dairy products that could possibly spoil. Wash ALL dishes. 

3. Wash linens and dog beds (if applicable). This is really helpful when returning at night. There is nothing comparable to crisp, clean sheets, after a long trip away. 

4. Leave bleach in the toilet bowls. Take out ALL trashes. 

5. For carpeted homes, make a mixture of baking soda and choice essential oil (I use peppermint), and sprinkle liberally on floors. Vacuum thoroughly when you return. 

6. Make sure not to leave any clothes in the washer. This can ruin your clothes and really effect the smell of your home. 

7. Set out preferred air freshener (I like the scented gel beads, personally). Make sure not to use anything with a wick or electric. 

Now you’re set to enjoy your vacation without worry! 

Until next time. 


a dreamer.