Day thirty one 

So today is July 31st. The last day of this month. I am fully aware that I haven't posted in nearly a week.  I had planned great things! Photo shoots with my little, tutorials, recipes, and if I was lucky, more rainy day rambles. I wanted so badly to go out with a bang! To end … Continue reading Day thirty one 


day twenty five // random valuables 

In the last few years I've eurged myself to collecting moments instead of items. Flares of value that steal my breath and capture my being. While doing this month's challenge,  I've noticed myself recognizing the abundance of beauty surrounding me.  | moment.       waking up, in a familiar daze between reality and dream. The … Continue reading day twenty five // random valuables 

Day 24 

Goodness me.  Its such an adventure being married to a magic man. I just adore "plain ol'" evenings with this Curly headed greatness.  Not much to report, but man does it mean everything to me. And I guess that's what brings genuine value. I wouldn't trade even the occasional spat with him, for anything in … Continue reading Day 24