About us


I’m McCauley.. I guess you could say the “dreamer” in this whole ordeal, and I’m in love with a kind eyed, strong armed, “curly” headed man named Philip.

Together we have built a life based on love and the principles the Lord has laid out for us to follow. And we adore it.

This blog is more or less a journal of the things learned, mistakes made, and happenings that go on in our humble abode and crazy lives.

I am a fanatic. Concerning dreaming, that is. I have an irrational fear of passing time and not really valuing each moment. I’m beyond cliche, and completely in love with love. I’m terrified of taking anything for granted or not giving Christ the glory he deserves.

I want to live courageously. Passionately. Authentically . In every. Single. Second.

I adore art.. and the very concept of making beautiful things.

I’m obsessive over the elements of creation. I’m convinced I own the moon, and share the sun. And don’t even get me started on the stars.

Rain storms are my favorite. And trains. And succulents. And Coffee. And Blankets– all after my Honey, of course.

He is what keeps me sane. He gives structure to my chaotic dreams, and helps me plan a way to actually accomplish goals. He is the best listener a rambling mind could ask for. He is as stubborn as an ox, giving my stubbornness a run for it’s money. He knows how to lighten the mood when I get overwhelmed, and makes sure to point out beauty when I begin to look over it.

Together– we are crazy, and a little dangerous. But we are perfectly imperfect and immensely thankful.

This is my journal. Our lives. And one big dream, I can’t help but share.

>>> —— > > > > > > > —— >>>


I started this blog to organize some of my chaotic plans. I’ve completely fallen in love with having a place to share life happenings, new projects, and imaginative ramblings. I’ve also learned how valuable time is. Since starting this venture, I’ve noticed times when I’d become way too concerned with my content or prompt posting. Or, I got frustrated with a lack of content, leading me to nearly giving up. 

I’ve realized the purpose of this little part of the Internet. 

It’s a way to share my experiences, in hopes of inspiring others, but also living a full life filled with a variety of things to share. 
I do want to become more consistent in my posting schedule, but I just can’t find the will to pass up a movie night with Curly, or long and spontaneous car rides, listening to him sing cover art at the top of his lungs, all to get a piece out in time. 

Life is about living.

I hope you’re intentionally living it fully too. It’s pretty wonderful. 

You can try to expect biweekly posts. Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 AM are my goals, but like I said, I’m planning with a loose grasp, because I intend to live

Love, Dreamer. 


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