Gathre Mat Review


I’d been drooling over these mats for months before I finally took the plunge and bought one.. and let me tell you, I have not been disappointed!


I use this mat, ALL OF THE TIME. Especially now that the Fall weather is quickly approaching. We have had so many bonfires already, and each time I spread this baby out for the kids to sit on with their snacks. I’m talking, beans, and cheese balls, and soup, and cookies, and smore’s! GUY’S. Smore’s! And Aria has a lot of cousins, so that’s a lot of snacks.

After each event, I shake out the mat and clean whatever dries on it, off with a damp rag, and it’s good as new, ready to be used again!

Plus it folds up really small, and works fantastically for an Instagram photo back ground.

I bought Midi mat in Blanc and the Micro in Pewter. The Micro is sized for a diaper changing mat, so I’ll get my money’s worth out of that one for sure, with two diapered babies!

Basically. It’s yes. You should definitely check out Gathre and know, they’re worth the splurge!

Have a great weekend, Friends!


a dreamer.


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