New Baby “Must Haves”

I’ve officailly hit the 30 week mark with this little human growing inside of me, and I’ve just realized, I never officially announced this pregnancy on Dreamer & Curly!


SO, here it is! I’m PREGNANT!

It’s a boy and his name will be the same as Curly’s, but we will call him Pip for short. 🙂

Haha, even though the majority of you already knew all of that..



I have approximately 10 weeks left and I’ve definitely hit the “Nesting” stage.

I wanted to share with you my personal list of ” Must Have’s” before the baby arrives..

Some things were ordered, some were made by myself, and some I had leftover from little Ari-Belle.

1. Naturesutten Pacifier & Clip

Now, I’ve used these pacis faithfully since Aria was born, and I’ve still yet to find a brand that I trust more for my little ones. And a Paci clip is a MUST with an infant. I made this one using the same tutorial I shared when Aria was little-r.

2. Solly Baby Swaddles & Wrap

I’m incredibly excited to use these for the first time with Pip. I fell in love with the material Solly Baby uses when I purchased my first wrap from them. It’s so soft and buttery, but still has enough structure to hold Le Babe really tight and securely. I’m considering ordering a more masculine wrap as well. I can’t recommend Solly Baby enough!! And theyve just launched their new Fall/Winter line, and are offering a 15% off coupon until midnight, so go check it out!

3. Organic/Natural Teethers

These are a few I whipped up for Le Babe. I loved having these when Aria was little, because again, I wasn’t nervous about what she was putting in her mouth.. At such a young age, I’m always concerned about what materials are the best for their development.

4. Knotted Sleeper

I saw a Pinterest post about these little knotted sleepers, and knew automatically that’s what I wanted Pip to come home in. But I was unable to find them anywhere.. So naturally, I made one…. and then I made four more.. three of which will be available on UrbanTexture! So follow my instagram to keep up with the launch of UrbanBaby! They’re made with 100% organic cotton and a whole lot of love. 🙂

5. Lamb Skin & Bassinet

I’ve wanted a “Moses basket” for so long, but I recently purchased the City Select double stroller, which came with a bassinet attachment. I love how sturdy it is, and even though it isn’t the most “esthetically pleasing bassinet, it attaches to my stroller and can be easily washed, so I’m more than happy to try it. Aria was a belly sleeper all the way, and she could never get comfortable enough to sleep in her car seat, so I’m sure if Pip is anything like his sister, he will be happy too. Also, I purchased my lamb skin at Tendy’s Leather sometime last year, and it has served us well. It kept Ari so warm, and since Pip is due late November, I’ll probably be using it in the swing, bassinet, as tummy time, you name it!


Okay, that’s all for now! But I’m sure postpartum, I’ll have more to share about “baby/mama Must Haves”!

Until next time!


a dreamer.


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