Lately Life // Baking With Ari

Rainy day tunes, comfy sweats, and cookies. Tell me honestly.


What could be better? Baking those cookies with my favorite darling girl, that’s what!


Life has been a subtle kind of busy. We’ve got plans everyday, but it’s stuff like cleaning out our storage building or renewing my license… So today is exactly what I needed. 


Rain drops drizzling down the windows, honey sticking to little fingers, Ed Sheeran singing a love song dear to my heart, and a few other projects in the works.


I have been studying Botanical Dyeing, which is incredibly interesting. I plan to incorporate it in my business ventures after I experiment a little more. 



Also, I have a few new items that will pop up in my shop soon. Although, I’m kind of at a road block concerning how to advertise UrbanTexture. I’ve researched it heavily, but finding that starting point is so challenging for me. Thinking I’m not quite “there” yet, I can’t reach out to other business for partnerships…etc. 


Anyway, if you have any tips for me concerning this, that would be great, I’d love to hear your ideas! Right now, I’m trying to work on getting my Instagram out there and more professional looking. 


Okay, I’ll stop rambling now and give you the recipe for these scrumptious AND healthy cookies. 

Flourless Peanut Butter, Oats, and Chocolate Chip Cookies!



I hope a fantastic weekend for each of you, and thanks again for sticking around through my crazy!


P.S. Keep your eyes pealed for a tutorial coming out soon, it’s a perfect piece for the summer, complete with that boho feel. 




a dreamer.


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