Call me Crazy.

I’ve been SO TORN between two ideas. Trying to decide which one would be the most profitable and which one has my inspiration. But after much worrying and rambling to Curly. Finally.

 I’ve chosen to do both. 

Most people discourage having two businesses, claiming one will suffer and neither one will reach their full potental, but what can I say? I like to live on the “Wild Side”. 

I’ve been making so many excuses that I’m sick and tired of hearing myself whine. Between being exhausted from pregnancy, to not having enough room, to not really knowing where or how to start. I’m finally going to do just that. 


As some of you already know, I own an Etsy shop called UrbanTexture. I launched it on my birthday last year and kind of stopped there. I’ve sold quite a few items, but I didn’t advertise or set up seasonal launches or make a good shipping display. 

But I will.

Secondly, I’ve been incredibly inspired by various mamas I follow on social media to create a shop focussed around my littles. 

It will be called NancyLane. I’ll explain the name choice and meaning in a later post. 

Basically it will be filled with hand-sewn heirloom toys. Some pieces hand dyed with natural ingredients. Some embroidered. Some made with leather. Maybe even a little wood here and there. I haven’t decided yet. 

The point is, I’ve got this whole new part of my life that ignites my creative side and keeps growing with me, in every stage of life. A permanent part of me. . And I want to make something beautiful, inspired by the most beautiful thing about my existence. My children.

The plan is to launch NancyLane in the early Fall. 

It’s incredible the amount of excitement I have for both of my little business ventures. 

For now, I’ve recently listed a few new items on UrbanTexture. And I’m trying my best not to be shy concerning advertisement. Although, it is kind of nerve racking throwing your art out there and waiting. 

C’est la vie! 

Here goes nothing. 

Click an image to check out the listing.


Along with a few others.

Thank you so much, to all of those who still read my sporadic updates and random spills. You’re fantastic and very appreciated.

Until next time.



A Dreamer. 


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