Lately Life

Hey friends! So I haven’t written one of these posts in a while, and I thought it would be a good catch up on our life as of the last few weeks.

Recently, Curly has been sick and I always find it funny how motivated I am after sickness leaves the home. Ever since he recovered, we have been getting up early, consistent with our morning routine, and generally productive through the day.

During his sickness, I scanned through my photos and recognized how fun and adventurous our life has been… maybe not to most people, but I really value our little memories so much. 

So I thought I’d share them here!

Just out and about with my two favorite humans 


A photo I snapped of Bo and Ari holding hands riding home from church. 😍

At the park, swinging with daddy! ♥️♥️

Our very first date night since Aria was born! 

This was from the day we bought my new SUV! A Kia Sportage. 👍🏻

Eating at our new favorite hometown restaurant, John’s BBQ. 

Shelby and I took the girls out shopping! You can see how different our style choices are with the shirts we bought them..! 🙈🙈

They decided to hold hands at the wishing well. Aria really is obsessed with holding hands and I love it. 😍😍

Valentines Day goodness!

Curly surprised me with a picnic and food completely homemade by himself.♥️♥️

And Ari just loves bath time. So I couldn’t leave that out. 😍😍


Alright, that’s all for now.. and it may not seem like much. But it’s life, and it means everything to me.


a dreamer. 


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