Hello there, whoever is left to read this after my two month absence.. it’s been longer than two months?.. well I’m back now.



It seems I always tend to reevaluate my life when the leaves begin to change and fall from their comfort zones. The cool winds stir up all sorts of thoughts concerning purpose and the passing time and how each day is spent. I’ve had a lot on my plate, to be honest.. but somehow I’ve found the time to write this. 


On the day before Thanksgiving, I’m struck with inspiration. Wanting to pick up here and make more things and live a bit fuller. There is so much filling my heart with gratitude. This post—like many of my “restart” posts, will be a bit scrambled. But I just want to get it all out.


 Fast forward two more months, and I’m staring at my iPad screen trying to figure out where I should begin.. 


My sister and I are starting a pretty big business endeavor. Which I’m so stoked about! That’s what will be taking the majority of my time, besides wife-life and mama hood of course.


But I miss it here! So I’d like to use it as a brainstorming/writing/diy outlet. 


That being said, I do have plans to keep this place rolling, but worrying less about frequency… but I’m so thankful for all of you who read my posts and encourage me in blogging. It means so much! 

Here’s to starting again.

Have a great weekend, friends. ♥️


a dreamer. 


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