Hello Jones’ // rambling

Can we talk about sofas for a second?


I know it’s a strange topic, but bare with me.  

Recently I’ve been consumed by the idea that there is only one way to live. One single aesthetic. One routine. One brand — you get the picture. 

And with all of these, life will be complete. 


Okay, given my relationship with Christ, that’s not entirely true.. But it’s pretty close. 



Back to the sofa. 

Have you seen those vintage, plushy, leather sofas with the wooden peg legs? They’re everywhere. Along with the perfect mud-rug throw pillows and that cream rug with black diamonds. 

Yeah. It’s great!

I don’t have it. 

My living room is quite different actually. 

My whole life I’ve wanted a huge sectional — so that’s what we got! And I loved it. 

I still love it. 

And, I have a plushy cream rug.. And my pillows? They’re resale. And comfy and plushy and great.

Okay, I’m seriously rambling, but I have a point. 

Even though there is a style I lean towards, a certain aesthetic, doesn’t mean the unique details that don’t quite “fit” are worthless. They’re what make us unique. And deeper still. That applies to our life beyond design. The particular interests or blessing that we find value in, maybe different than those you’re following for inspiration, but that’s what makes us individual.

I guess all I’m really saying, is in this journey of life, the race for extraordinary, don’t just blend into the rest.. God made us different for a reason.. 

And I love that..


Okay, I’m finished. 

Have a great week!


a dreamer.


2 thoughts on “Hello Jones’ // rambling

  1. Oh my goodness. This is exactly what I’ve needed! Recently I’ve been so unsatisfied with my bedroom and how it doesn’t look like I want. This is so inspirational.

    Liked by 1 person

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