Lately Life

I’m back people.


I know I’ve been quite absent, but I’ve had a LOT to do. 

This is basically a catch up on our life here.

It’s been full, and busy, and amazing. Just how life should be — in my opinion.

I’m so grateful.  

These two are my absolute favorites and they’re kinda fond of each other too.. 😉


Sissy and I had our first play date with our girls

We hit up the local farmers market for fresh produce, then we just chilled at the park. I had a fantastic time and Ari loves the out doors.

I’m working on quite a few new banners for the shop. Not sure what they will all say yet.

Ari is beginning to teeth, so new toys were needed, right? I got a little carried away making these and she probably won’t play with all of them, but her cousin appreciates the abundance! 

We took Libby to the splash pad.. As you can tell by her expression, she wasn’t sure why we thought getting splashed in the face would be all that amusing.

Coffee date with my Curly. We chose Starbucks only because their internet is beast. 

And my Solly Baby Wrap is the most fantastic purchase of my new Mama life.

Selfie session while waiting for daddy to get off work..

We had the privilege to see Drakeford perform at our favorite coffee shop. Their music is beyond encouraging and Karma’s coffee is stupendous.

Took advantage of the moody “Coffee Shop” feels. That shadow, though.

Funny story: 

     We’d planned to leave Ari with my momma while we went to see Drakeford. Halfway there I panicked and got our sisters to pick her up and bring her to me.. I guess I’m not ready to part with our Little-Bit quite yet.. 

Aria Belle turned 3 months old! The time is flying by so fast..

The sister and I are working on a new project that will be a game changer, if you ask me. I’ll release the details as soon as I can, but I’m stoked.

Gemaw and Gramps are visiting and Libby adores them.. Ari loves them too — she’s just very much a mama’s girl.

Aria’s now wakes up happy and talks to her buddy Courage ever morning. It is the most adorable thing.

She’s also getting so strong! She plays with her toys in cousins Bumbo,

And those eyes! She definitely gets them from Daddy.

These cousins will be best friends. They already are so content to just talk to each other!

Baby girl has found her thumb — Mama and Daddy are a little nervous about this one.. 😉


// I noticed there weren’t many photos of Curly in this update, but that is merely because he has been working his tail end off for our family. I couldn’t be more proud of my dear man. He is a wonderful father and husband!

I pulled out these babies from before Aria

And so you know — we are just as obsessed with each other now as we were then, if not more so.

The Lord has blessed me abundantly and I can’t even begin to put it into words that is why this post seems so choppy. Finding the proper words, to form coherent sentences, that adequately describe what I feel about our days, is just impossible.

I love life.

That sound so simple, but I’m at a loss of what else to say!

Anyway — I’m hopefully going to get back in the swing of things here, but until next time, I hope you have a lovely and restful Sunday.



a dreamer.





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