Sleep Training // my experience

Okay, so I’m sure my sissy is laughing reading this, because I was dead set on not having a “mama blog” when I started out. But after having my little love — There isn’t much else to talk about, and quite frankly, it’s an honor be a mama and I want to blog about it!


Moving on. 


Aria had been having some really fussy days last week and I could tell she just wasn’t comfortable. She was whiny and tired. 

Knowing she hadn’t been getting great naps in, I finally decided it was time to sleep train. 

Now, I know she’s only (just yesterday) eleven weeks old, but I could tell she was capable and craved the routine. 

Sleep/nap training isn’t for everyone, and I completely understand those who don’t choose this, but I’m certain it was the right thing for Ari-Belle. 

A bit of advice from my older sister has been the most helpful reassurance. She constantly reminds me, “you can read people’s opinions all day long, but when it comes down to it, she’s your baby. You have to do what you think is right.”.

So. I did. 

Okay, let’s hope on it. 

I want to mention, this wasn’t easy. I was constantly praying for guidance. 

I stayed nauseous — because I’m a chronic worry wart.  But we got through it, and she’s been SO much happier since. I’m very proud of my little Belle.


How I sleep trained my baby, in less than a week. 

First I’m going to lay out a few guide lines I followed. 

  1. I created a routine. // it was really simple. I’d swaddle Ari, begin singing her lullaby while making the room dark, sit on the end of the bed and bounce while finishing her lullaby, turn on her sound machine, and when her eyes would get heavy, set her in her co-sleeper while telling her “it’s time to take a little rest, let’s go to sleep now”. 
  2. I did the 5, 10, 15 minute check up. I never could go longer than 15 minutes. **for those who are concerned. Aria never cried 15 minutes straight. She’s more of a fuss-er. She’s so young, if she would have all out bawled for an extended period of time, I would’ve waited until her mind was more developed to sleep train.**
  3. Watched intently for her sleepy cues. 
  4. Never let her stay awake longer than 2 hours at a time. 
  5. Followed the “eat, play, sleep,” schedule.
Babies will be extra tired while training, so adjust schedule accordingly until the training is complete. 

Aria’s Sleeping Journal

Day 1:

Woke up: 8:30am
1st nap: 9:30am
    Lightly fussed from 9:33-9:42 // Sound asleep at 9:50. Slept for 1hr 40min. Woke up at 11:30. 
2nd nap: 1:05pm
    Cried from 1:10-1:30, woke up at 1:55 due to gas. Fussed from 2pm-2:11. Decided to scratch nap because she got too close to her nursing schedule and became hungry. 
3rd nap: 3:05pm
    No fussing until 3:17 due to gas. First check 3:25, asleep at 3:30. Stirred and cried off and on with interval checks from 3:35-4:45. Slept until 5:30. 
Bedtime: 7:50
    No fussing until 7:58. Cried off and on from 8-8:30, and again at 8:45-9:10. Finally fell asleep for the night. 
Day 2:
Woke up: 8:00am
1st nap: 9:00am
    Fussed until 9:10. Slept 1hr 50min, woke up at 11:00.
2nd nap: 12:20pm
    No fussing. Began to stir at 12:45 (she was a chronic cat nap per during training, but has since learned to soothe herself, resulting in longer naps.) I gave her gas drops and continued interval checks until 1:27. I also flipped her on her belly when I could tell she was really tired. She was “over-tired” making deep sleep nearly impossible on her back. Slept 48min, woke up at 2:15. 
3rd nap: 3:45pm
    No fussing. Slept 38min until 4:25. Rocked and sang to her for a bit and set her back down, she seamlessly finished her nap out and slept until 5:30!
Bedtime: 7:45pm
    No fussing. // this is where I began to see the light!
Day 3:

Woke up: 8:05am
1st nap: 9:10am
    No fussing until 9:25. First check at 9:30, asleep by 9:35. Slept 33min, woke up at 10:08 due to noises. Fussed off and on until 10:25. I picked her up because she just couldn’t settle with the outside noise. 
2nd nap: 11:55am
    No fussing until 12:15 // I gave her gas drops and she fell asleep immediately. She woke up after only 30 minutes of sleep, at 12:45, fussed until 1:45. I then picked her up and calmed her down, laid her back down settled, on her belly and she slept until 2:40, nearly an hour. 
3rd nap: 3:50pm
    No fussing! // Because of her last nap, I’d decided to sit in the room out of sight, just in case she needed me. I gave her the paci once and she slept 1hr 40min, waking up at 5:30. 
Bedtime: 9:10pm
    No fussing! 
Day 4:

Woke up: 9:05am
1st nap: 10:05am
    No fussing!! Slept 55 minutes, until 11:00. 
2nd nap: 12:10pm
    No fussing! Slept for 1hr 15min, until 1:30. She fell back asleep for 45 minutes in daddy’s arms. 
3rd nap:
    Slept on and off while in town, but didn’t get good sleep so by bed time she was over tired. 
Bedtime: 8:15pm
    Began fussing at 8:20. Slightly fussed off and on until 8:45, while I continued my interval checks. // This was really hard for me because I knew she could fall asleep on her own but “my” trip got her over-tired, making it harder for her to fall asleep. I wanted so badly to let her fall asleep in my arms, but I knew it would confuse her. 
Day 5:

Woke up: 8:15am
1st nap: 9:15am
    Fussed for about five minutes, slept 1hr 10min, until 11:30. 
2nd nap: 12:40pm
    No fussing!! Slept 1hr 50min, woke up at 2:30. 
3rd nap: 4:10pm
    No fussing. Slept 45 minutes, waking up at 4:55. 
Bedtime: 7:15pm
    Absolutely no fussing. 
Ta-dah!! 😀
| She still has times when she gots over tired and needs a bit of help falling asleep. I’m not extremely strict. She’s still a babe, and I’m sure with persistence she will continue to grow in her ability to nap. The fact that she falls asleep on her own is such an accomplishment for my little love. 
Finally mama’s. Listen to your baby. Don’t forget the decision of how to raise that little one is up to you. 
Just seek God’s face and all will be well! 
Next we will be getting rid of the paci.. But that’ll happen around four months, Lord willing. 
Happy training!
a dreamer. 

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