Easy Baby Bow Tutorial

Hello friends!


So I’ve been obsessed with those delicate little lace and ribbon bows that seem to be all over Instagram. Where I wished I could support other mamas and their businesses, I’m still out to save a buck when I can. I mean — diapers are expensive!

This super easy DIY is perfect for any frugal, busy mama.

What you’ll need:

– Old Hose (or new!)

– Lace and/or Ribbon

– Scissors

– Glue Gun

• Step one

Cut one inch pieces of the hose, starting near the thigh (which is the widest area) and stretching to form the head band.

• Step two:

Cut a strip of lace or ribbon and wrap it around the hose.

• Step three:

Tie a bow! Grab them bunny ears.

• Step four:

Glue the seams of the bow and where the bow hits the band. Making sure to only glue areas that won’t be seen.

• Step five:

Trim and burn the ends.

• Step six:

Feed the babe — make a million more.

I love the simplicity!!

And that smile —

Okay. One more..

A good weekend to you all!


a dreamer.



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