New Mama Needs

So, obviously I’m learning a tons from this new stage of life. Some things harder than others, but of one thing I’m certain, becoming a mama is probably my favorite— next to being Curly’s girl, of course. 

This Friday Ari-Belle will be eight weeks old, can you believe it? I’ve been reflecting upon the last two months and thought I’d make a new mamas “must have” list. 

|| I’ve come up with 5 absolutely necessary items for the first month postpartum. 

1. Gripe Water

// this stuff is amazing. I use the brand “mommy’s bliss” and it has worked wonders. It’s a natural herb mixture that quickly soothes upset stomachs and settles fussing. The main ingredients are ginger and fennel. Honestly, Aria will get fussy from gas or the hiccups and by the time she’s finished sucking the syringe, she is calm and happy again. 
// this is obviously for mama. I use the brand “Earth Mama Angel Baby”. It soothes the postpartum bottom really well. It’s completely organic and sent from heaven— and I’m just going to leave that there. 
3. Lots of Rest
// seriously. So many people tell you to take you’re time and rest after baby is born, but it’s one of the hardest things to do! Personally, I had a ton of energy— although I still felt worn out, and it was just difficult to have people waiting on me for everything I needed. But if you want to heal quickly and thoroughly— turn off your brain, snuggle your babe, and rest your body. 
4. Baby Swaddles
// I personally just adore swaddles. They’re lightweight but huge. It’s really easy to wrap your newborn up securely and the tightness reminds them of being in your tummy, so it’s comforting. Plus, a swaddled baby is just so darling! 
// okay. This one is obviously dependent on the personal opinion, but if you’re looking for a great paci, I definitely recommend the Natursutten brand. Aria took it immediately. Also, I don’t have to worry about what she’s sucking on because they’re more natural and much safer than your average pacifier. 
|| And 3 needed items for the second month. 
// Now that you and your baby are feeling better, there will be more excursions outside the comfort of your home. You’ll also probably be visiting people which means your little bit will be passed around— all these result in dropping that paci. I didn’t realize how often, either. ‘nough said. You can find a super simple tutorial here
2. A Photo Album 
// I’ve taken a ridiculous amount of pictures within the past eight weeks. I’m just about to get some printed and begin her baby book before it gets pushed off to never-land. 
// when Ari was really little, I used a ring sling and it held her securely, but the more mobility she gets, the more I like the Moby Wrap. I’ve been hiking, grocery shopping, picnicking, and just chilling around the house with her wrapped on me. It’s fantastic. I don’t hold her all the time— but she’s only little once, you know? You can also make one really easily with this tutorial
I honestly can’t believe how long it has been since I gave birth to my beautiful babe! 
I really hope you found this a little helpful..
Good luck and congrats to all the new/expecting Mama’s out there. 
Until next time. 
a dreamer. 

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