Meet my Baby

On Friday, May 13th 2016, at 3:52am, my baby girl was born.

and the story goes something like this;

Wednesday I began feeling some unique abdominal pains. I didn’t think much of them I automatically hoped it was labor, but I’ve had a complex about false labor ever since I got pregnant, so I wasn’t about to cry wolf.

Later that evening, during church I could tell the pains were growing more consistent.

I still wasn’t convinced.

Through the night, every half hour or so, I’d feel what was, contrary to my belief, contractions.

I slept for maybe three hours that night.

Thursday morning I got out of bed around 6am because I was completely restless. I figured I’d go make a big breakfast before my prenatal appointment.  A tall stack of oat waffles with eggs, bacon, and coffee, was just what the baby ordered. Then he/she’d calm down— or so I thought.

Curly and I decided to pack all of the labor bags in the truck just in case my midwife was convinced.

We arrived for my appointment at 9:30am and explained what I’d been feeling. They slightly chastised me for not contacting them sooner, explaining how I desperately needed rest and they could have had tips to help me sleep.

They concluded that the babe was probably just shifting positions but due to a lack of amniotic fluid, it’s not being able to turn as easily, making my body contract. They scheduled me to come back in a couple of hours after working on my hydration.

So we blew time, walking around, sitting in coffee shops, and grabbing lunch.

// last photo I got with Aria Belle in my tummy

We arrived back for my second checkup. The midwives grew concerned about the shape of my belly and decided to order an ultrasound. The ultrasound technician was busy for the next few hours, so back to walking the town we went. Each of my contractions growing much more intense.

I still wasn’t convinced.

We grabbed some snack food for an energy boost because I was lacking greatly, due to no sleep.

Finally we got my ultrasound and everything looked good. The only thing my midwife kept mentioning is baby’s position still not being optimal for labor.

We headed home to get some rest. I couldn’t rest, but Curly was getting a little sleep, so I tried to hold off. Finally around 11pm, I decided we should head to the birthing house— still I wasn’t convinced. I thought it could be a false alarm.

On our one hour trip to Tennessee, I worked through contractions and jammed to random music. Singing between deep breaths.

We arrived at the house, at this point, each contraction was about 5 minutes apart and lasted 45 seconds. But the midwives weren’t there yet. They got caught up in traffic from a wreck— woman’s worst nightmare.

Working through a contraction, leaning on Curly’s shoulder, my water finally broke. looking up, I confessed, “guys, I think I’m in labor”.

Not long after, the midwives arrived and it was go time!

I decided to labor in the birthing tub.

About 2 hours, a million pushes, and three good screams later, she was out! And I was exhausted.

My perfect little baby girl weighed 8.5lbs, and measures exactly 19 inches. Completely healthy!

And I had minimal tearing.

All went so perfectly. God has been beyond gracious to us. We are a little family and the level of joy inside of me is just more than I can express!!

// one week old

You can expect many more posts about my little dreamer.

Until next time,

Love a dreamer and her baby Belle.


10 thoughts on “Meet my Baby

  1. HOW did I not comment on this when you first posted it? I liked it (must have been on my phone, as I hate to type anything of substance on that little screen)… I enjoyed this story so much — how you weren’t convinced, until you were convinced! She’s so beautiful (not a shock, considering who her parents are), and I’m so happy that you had a good experience with no complications. It makes my heart ache that we weren’t able to be there, nearby, to shower you all with love and meals and errand running, and anything else that helps make the first few days when two become one becomes three go a little more smoothly.

    I love you so much, dear girl. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh goodness! I wished you could’ve been here, this baby is the sweetest I’ve ever made. I love you so much, and I really appreciate all of the kind words you always leave here. It makes me happier than you’ll ever know!

      Liked by 1 person

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