Diy duvet cover// linen inspiration

I’m obsessed.

 No, seriously obsessed with linen duvet covers. 

Their texture and light hues. Goodness. 

Compliments any bedroom perfectly. 

Unfortunately, I don’t have $200+ to spend on my bedding. Although it’s quite possibly on my bucket list. 😉 

Anyway, the point is, I made a duvet cover out of a pair of sheets. I guess you could call it a faux linen duvet. 

We needed something cooler for the quickly approaching summer heat! 

I’m very pleased with the way it turned out, and I only spent $10. It’s a win. 

I got my sheets at American Thrift. I’d found a pair of jersey knit queens sheets, and a single king sheet. I also got an old quilt top for the insert. It’s lighter than your average duvet insert, and Curly is a personal heater— especially in the summer. 

It’s not a linen duvet, but at least it gives off the right vibe. 

Basically to make it

 I took the two top sheets(***try and find the same size sheets, it was kind of difficult cutting down a king size properly) and layer them right sides together. Then I sewed all the way around the sides and bottom, leaving the top unattached. Like a big pillow case. Next I added 4 ties. Two on each side, top and bottom. Turn it inside out and insert your padding. I added ties to the old mattress quilt top and slipped it right in. 

To finish it off, add buttons, a zipper, snaps, or ties to the opening. 

That’s it!


a dreamer. 


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