Spring Fever // Must Do’s

Oh guys. I’m still not over the spring fever!! We have one month left and I’ve compiled a must do list for the fleeting spring days still to come. 

If you haven’t already, you really should;

  • Pick a wild flower bouquet // 

  • Make or try a spring inspired tea // Check this out. And this one. 
  • Incorporate time in the sun into your schedule // the spring only lasts so long, soon it will be too hot to take a stroll outside during the sunniest time of day, seize it now. Write a letter outdoors or maybe start pilates! You won’t regret it. 
  • Buy, make, or pull out a floral dress
  • Visit a farmers market or festival // I know you can do this even through the summer. But the summer months are really hot, do it now! Pick up some fresh berries or flowers. (I plan to attend the Strawberry Festival this weekend! Last year, Curly and I brought goats to teach the kids— I personally had a blast.)
  • Purchase an indoor plant, or better yet—dream bigger, start an herb garden! Indoor plants are great for your health. They purify your air and they each have multiple health benefits. 
  • Open up your windows everyday
  • Rock a few braids. Don’t give me any excuses. Braids work on anyone, especially in the spring. 
I love the variety each season has to offer! Don’t miss the beauty, guys. Notice the change in the breeze, or the smells in the air, even the difference in how the sunsets appear. 
Until next time. 
a dreamer. 

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