Lately Life

Hey guys. I haven’t forgotten about you! 

Fact is, life has been beyond crazy lately. From last minute baby prep, to yard sales, and little kiddo’s birthday parties. 

I’ve also had severe third trimester insomnia, as well as a few other health issues. But nothing a little diligence and a whole lot of grace can’t solve. 


Okay, so April has been a fantastic month for me. We’ve got most of our baby needs covered, including the perfect baby bed, a great stroller, and the Maewoven Turkish Towel, which I plan to use as a nursing cover.  

I will be starting on his/her mobile soon, so I’m sure either a tutorial or finished product review will be up asap. 

I successfully spring cleaned! It took longer than usual, but that’s to be expected when lugging around a large melon. 😉 

Due to pregnancy brain and all my mental energy being centered around baby, I’ve fallen behind in my business journey. Although, I am still working on it a little here and there, just not quite as full force as I’d like. I’m sure that’s all just part of the last few weeks of pregnancy. Having a baby is a big deal, man! 

I’ve made a few banners that I’d like to list on etsy, but my plan is to have 22 items made (that I’m proud of) before my 22nd birthday and launch my etsy then. It may be a bit far fetched because I have no idea what to expect concerning life with my babe, but who knows? And what’s life without big dreams anyways? 

Umm, what’s else. 

Oh! Curly has been bending over backwards trying to make it easier for me to sleep, be it in the morning, or turning in early. He is so amazing. 

Last night he finished up the dishes so I could take a warm shower and this morning, he covered our window to block out the morning light. 

I ended up waking pretty early because my momma and little siblings stayed the night due to our family yard sale. 

I heard the sound of rustling pots and pans. I smelled the divine fragrance off strong coffee. And, of course two little kiddos aren’t the best at being quite. Who am I kidding? My honey is louder than both of them! 😉 Turns out, he was teaching them how to make gourmet steak and eggs for my breakfast. 

I love mornings like that. 

Afterward, I drank my coffee and listened to Curly read them a children’s story, while using it to teach the biblical attribute of restoration. 

He is going to be a wonderful daddy. 

Okay, enough cheese. 

Basically, life happens. And it happens fast. And I want to notice all of it. Absorbing each moment like it were the last. Finding all of the hidden joys and abundant treasures. << yeah, yeah. I know I said I was done being chessy. But I’m just a hopeless romantic with a perfectly chaotic life. What can I say? 

To a great life, humans. 


a dreamer. 


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