Easy baby hat and swaddle tutorial

I have been on a crafting frenzy this past week and— I love it! 

Out of the long list I’ve made, filled with crafty “to-do’s” and “finished projects” I figured I’d share this super simple tutorial. 

Now, no matter how much I want/try to be a good tutorial blogger, it’s just not in the cards for me. Hints the fact that I stick with the crazy easy stuff. 

> > >  

This swaddle and baby beanie tutorial is basically 1,2,3. Measure, cut, and sew. I’m really excited about how simple they are because I can whip them up in literally five minutes. 

Okay. Let’s get started.


For the beanie:

Print off your pattern here, (or just draft your own by site, which is what I had to do, due to not having a printer.)

Cut. 2 of your pattern piece. 
Cut one 5″ by 15″ strip. 

Sew around the hat, right sides together. 

Sew your strip in half, forming a band, right sides together. 

Matching your right sides of the hat and band, pin together. Placing your band seam in the center of what will be the back of the hat. Sew using a stretch stitch. 

Now flip your hat inside out, take the raw edge of your band, tucking it in and sew around the hat to finish the seam. 
Your at should look like this;
Finally, flip it back out, tie your knot and iron your band in half to cover your stitching. 
For the swaddle:
Cut your desired size square, I recommend anywhere from a 40″/40″ – 44″/44″

Fold in half, then fold in half again matching your edges. Use a speed square to make a perfectly precise. 
Using a small bowl, trace a curved edge and cut. 

Finally, serge or hem stitch your entire swaddle. 



And that’s it! You have a perfect gift for a friends or your own little babe. 
Happy Weekend!
a dreamer. 

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