Have thin hair? How to own it, with a few easy tricks!

Hey guys. So this is kinda a touchy topic for me. 

I have been in denial most my life about actually having thin hair. Then, I turned 20. 

Now, there is absolutely no denying it. 

I’d describe my hair as fine and thin, with the ability to grow pretty fast. I also have a variety of natural color, but due to the individual strands being so fine, they tend to be prone to breakage and splitting. Because I know these things and I’m no longer running from the truth, I am able to adjust my hair routine accordingly. 


For example:

•I try not to wash it too often, so my natural oils will encourage fast hair growth.

•I use products that encourage volume, and I tease it a lot so it will have some body and appear thicker. 

•I sleep in either a bun or braid to avoid further damage.

•I moisturize the ends also to prevent further splitting.

And recently, I’ve been on a no/minimal heat kick, simply because I’m trying to get some length back and I’d like my hair to be healthy as well as longer. 
// Okay, so how does this mess of rambles help you? Well if you too, struggle with thin hair, try these simple steps to add both volume and vitality to your locks. 
  • Find a good washing schedule I wash my hair every 3-5 days. I know that sounds gross to some people, but It’s actually an accomplishment for me. I’ve worked for a while to extend the days between washing. It allows your natural hair oils to moisturize your hair which helps with quicker hair growth. But, be cautious of your hair being weighed down by oils. Work with a good dry shampoo to give your hair lift without having to wash it.
  • Be well hydrated It is SUCH a big factor in having heathy hair. If you’re hydrated, your scalp will be too, in turn making your roots a lot stronger and healthier. Which also helps your hair reach it’s maximum thickness potential
  • Find a well nurishing shampoo and conditioner The cheap stuff will strip the hairs out of your head. I recommend Not Your Mothers “Way to Grow”. I’ve been using it for around eight months and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. My hair has grown over 7 inches, I can tell it is both healthier and more vibrant. Experiment to find what your hair needs, but be smart about it. There is no need to break the bank or buy overly organic brands, unless your lifestyle supports it. 
  • Limit your heat usage If you have an early morning, sleep in a no heat curling method or French braid to give texture, but the less heat you apply to your hair, the more trouble you’ll save yourself in the long run. 
  •  Buy a good comb or brush for teasing I know this seems like it is completely counterproductive because of all the negativity we hear about teasing, but I personally don’t believe it’s that bad for your hair. If you’re taking care of your locks properly, they should be strong enough to stand a little back combing. I don’t mean go crazy with it, just give your hair a little lift at the roots, and when you’re ready to brush it out, start at the bottom working your way up. Patience is key, you don’t want to break your hair. 
  • Work with more messy and whimsical hair styles Anything that involves your hair being tightly braided or pulled back will make it look nearly none existent. Volume and messiness are our friends. When braiding, pull the braid apart really well so it won’t look thin and ratty. 
  • Experiment with your part Don’t let it get stuck in one place. Your hair will be trained to lay the same way everyday, making it flat and limp. 
  • Keep dry shampoo on hand This stuff will become your best friend. It makes thin haired life, a whole lot easier. Trust me. 
  • Start using Velcro rollers After curling a section of hair, twist the hair on a roller. Do this in three large sections, working in a row, from the front to the back of your head, allowing each curl to set.  Hair spray the curly before letting it down. 
My hair gets really thin if I begin using too much heat, chemical shampoos, or eat badly. 
Because it’s thin naturally, I will never be able to grow hair where hair follicles don’t exist, but I can keep to a healthier routine, encouraging thicker locks where there is hair. You see what I mean?
Know your hair’s weaknesses, then be super kind in those areas.
// One tip I love to use, on my thin, dry ends, is a warm coconut oil treatment. 
When planning to wash my hair the following day, I will heat coconut oil until it is just melted and warm to the touch, then I’ll massage it into my scalp and down through the lengths of my hair, focusing on the dry ends. Next, I wrap my hair into a high bun and sleep with a towel over my pillow. In the morning, I make sure to shampoo it out really well and style as usual. It makes my hair feel so nourished and soft. I really love it. 
*** oh, I want to talk about having thin long hair. Pretty much every “thin hair tip” site will tell you to keep your hair short, but I was perfectly content with having long thin hair. So if you want long hair, by golly, grow it out. 
Okay. I’m finished. 
I hope you found this post helpful. 
Beyond that, I hope you have a spectacular week to boot. 
a dreamer. 

2 thoughts on “Have thin hair? How to own it, with a few easy tricks!

  1. I’ve been doing no-poo for…. three years? I think? It might have been Shelby who got me started on that. I do have thick hair, but I have the worst time with it being ‘fuzzy’. I’ve tried everything, it seems like– it being oily helps keep the frizz down, but then I have to deal with it being, well, oily! And then I discovered that I have curly hair. Only, it’s terrible to manage that, too.

    Having hair is certainly an adventure. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes ma’am, I’d say it is. Your hair sounds like the exact opposite of mine. Mine being thin, dry, straight, and fine! I wouldn’t know how to go about managing yours either. Just keep studying! There are all kinds of tips/tricks out there on internet. 🙂 good luck!

      Liked by 1 person

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