April Goals // Spring Cleaning ideas

Humans. It’s April already! Where is the time going?!

It’s crazy to think that we’ve already been through a quarter of this year.


Anyways, because my little babe is due next month, I thought I’d share my April goal list. It’s pretty long, including some business plans.

But we are all friends here, so I guess I’m ready to share some goals I’ve been working on. Although, they are apt to change time wise, because. .

Proverbs 27:1 “Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest now what a day may bring forth.”

I’m really trying to balance my dreams in the way of working diligently toward them, but also holding them with a loosely, being more focused on God’s will and plan for my life than my own.

Okay, with that disclaimer off my chest, let’s get into it.

April Goal List:

  • Deep clean the entire house
  • Make baby hats and swaddles
  • Plan freezer meals
  • Finish purchasing baby things
  • Finish baby closet
  • Make baby bed (Honey do) 😉
  • Pack Labor bag & Baby bag
  • Make 15 things to sale
  • Work 30 hours on my business
  • Draft 2 bag patterns
  • Finish eCourse. . What?!
Now, the last one may be a bit of a tease, but more information will come in time.
As long as I stay diligent that is.
Let’s talk “Spring Cleaning”! Maybe it’s the nesting finally kicking in, or maybe I’m one of those strange people that seriously gets a thrill out of deep cleaning. I don’t know. Actually I do, but we’re moving on.
This isn’t a complete list of household cleaning, just a few nitty gritty things I plan to do before the babe arrives. Things that are easily forgotten.
  • Scrubbing window seals, windows, blinds, and washing curtains
  • Vacuuming the base boards and ceiling. (Making sure to get all of those pesky cob webs and dust bunnies)
  • Vacuum underneath ALL furniture. (Couch, tables, beds, nightstands, etc.)
  • Dust on top of the refrigerator, cupboard, and any other tall appliance that gets dusty and forgotten.
  • Scrub your showers and tubs. From ceiling to floor.
  • Wash toilets. (I mean get down and dirty with it. Scrubbing the toilet bowl as well as the entire outside, including the floors and wall behind.
  • Wash ceiling fans thoroughly.
  • Wash all air vents.
  • Clean out the refrigerator/freezer scrubbing the entire interior.
  • Vacuum behind washer and dryer, also, vacuuming the filter area of the dryer.
  • Soak all of the trash cans in bleach water.
  • Move all winter clothing to storage and vacuum out the closet floors.
  • Mop your floors.
Finish up by washing all of your throw blankets, linens and dirty rags.
Do this along with your average chore list, and you’re house will glisten! The perfect fresh start to the month of April, and the rest of the spring season.
*** Tip for vacuuming. Put a few drops of peppermint(or your preferred scent) essential oil on the air vent of your vacuum cleaner. Mine has a little foam filter so I just sprinkle a few drops on there and it leaves the house smelling very fresh and energizing.
I hope this month is fills you with motivation and all the joys of spring!
Happy cleaning! 😉
a dreamer.



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