Raw, Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Now that is a mouth full.

A heavenly, wonderful, delicious, chocolaty, mouth-full of perfection.

I can NOT rave enough about this recipe I found on Pinterest!

Okay, so during my 21 (actually 24, but who’s counting) day sugar detox, I would just scroll through my Pinterest feed drooling over each sweet treat my eyes fell upon. I couldn’t wait to get some sugary goodness.

Something strange began to happen. As the weeks passed, I found myself only attracted to the more healthful choices. What?!

Then. I found this.


Gee whiz, people.

Immediately I knew this was the recipe I would reward myself with.


|| Let’s talk cheesecake for a minute.

A few weeks ago, on our anniversary we went to the cheesecake factory and I bought myself a piece to freeze. I’d planned to enjoy it sometime after my detox.

Let’s just say, I wholeheartedly gave that baby to Curly while making THIS beauty. I could tell I would enjoy it a lot more, not to mention my body wouldn’t punish me afterward.

This six inch pan of divine goodness is surprisingly simple to make and doesn’t take that many ingredients. I had everything on hand, which was great.

Now, if you’re a cheesecake Nazi, you will taste the banana a bit in the center layer, but that’s basically every single vegan cheesecake out there. I mean, it’s not going to taste like cream cheese, because it isn’t cream cheese.

On the website, the recipe actually had a bad review. Someone bantering about it being a “disappointment” or something. I was skeptical and nearly chose a different “celebratory dessert”, but I’m SO glad I didn’t. The word “disappointment” is the furthest from the truth.

This recipe is AMAZING.

Also, most of the sweetener is fruit. Dates in the crust. Banana in the center. I mean, there is maple syrup, but not near as much as some healthy recipes call for. So it was perfect for coming off of my detox slowly.

It wins. It just wins, okay?


Now that I’ve rambled extensively, just to say this dessert is stupendous, here is the link:

Raw Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Also, like every recipe I try, I changed a few things. Because I’m just like my momma and can’t follow instructions to save my life.

  • I added vanilla in the “chocolate layer”
  • I added cocoa butter to the peanut butter cups, because I had it and I wanted them to be a bit crunchier.
  • I used mainly almond butter, because I’m not supposed to have peanuts.

That’s about it.

All of the credit goes out to Amanda from Create N Plate for this epic recipe and its chocolatey goodness.


P.s. My cake didn’t turn out quite as photogenic, so the credit for stunning photography is her’s as well.

Have a great weekend, people!


a dreamer.


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