Chase extraordinary, but LIVE the ordinary.

Today has been great. A genuinely good day. 

Recently, I’ve been so consumed by my “dreams”, that I’ve easily overlooked life. 

I’ve set some goals that I’d really love to accomplish, but each time I attempted them, I failed in one way or another. 

Now, I know I often dream a bit larger than life and sometimes fall flat on my face, but this is different. Things that should be easily accomplished are just not turning out. 

Through all of my crazy highs and lows, I kept rambling about how I need to just stop. That going towards these things were silly. 

Okay, I’m obviously still rambling. 

What I learned:

  • Don’t set your value on the praise of men. Do what you do to glorify God, and work diligently at it. ((I know I say that a lot. But I seriously have to remind myself.))
  • Pinterest rocks, but don’t let it discourage you. Honestly? Pinterest drains me. When I’m looking for inspiration or craft ideas, I see so many who do what I want to do– but successfully, and I just want to throw in the towel. It’s a great tool, but know your weaknesses, so you’re not just always spraying cold water on your flame. 
  • Live your life. OUTSIDE of your specific goals. And no matter how mundane it is, find the extraordinary.

|| I spent the entire day with my mom and best friend. 


We went to the park and watched the kiddos play, soaked up the little bits of sunshine that showed themselves, and got chills from the cool breeze. 
We had a picnic filled with a delicious variety of foods. 

We talked about lots of random. 

We went back to mommas, made healthy desserts and watched a chick flick. 

We just relaxed. 

I actually relaxed. And if you know me, that’s a pretty big deal. 

I woke up with a “To Do” list that fills an entire page, and I didn’t accomplish half of it– but I enjoyed the day. With some of my absolute favorite people. People I love and who inspire me. 

And that. That’s living. 

Tomorrow, it is back to work with some new concepts/techniques I’ve been researching, but today was just an ordinarily good day. 

So don’t stress people. It’s just Monday. And Monday’s don’t have to be terrible. 


a dreamer. 


2 thoughts on “Chase extraordinary, but LIVE the ordinary.

  1. While your life and your James’ life are not exactly the same (seeing as you’re married and expecting!), I think you both are experiencing some very similar challenges – if you read her blog today, she wrote about struggling with lengthy to-do lists, and a mind that never slows down.

    I just became very nostalgic for two little girls who were inseparable for a time. 😥

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