Anniversary Adventure

Last Friday, Curly and I celebrated our first anniversary.




The day, in and of itself, was beautiful. We’ve had such gloomy weather recently, but that day was sunny and crisp.

We decided to venture off to the big city of Birmingham, for some excitement and a “cool kid” urban environment (my personal favorite).

First to Forever 21, for an irresistible sale, and because Curly loves me.

Next, the Cheesecake Factory, where I actually succeeded in keeping my sugar cleanse diet requirements. Of course, I got a piece of cheesecake to take home and freeze. Oh! And I was able to try ratatouille, which was actually a bucket list item for me– so that rocked.

Afterward, we went to The Summit. Hit up Urban Outfitters and Trader Joes.

// I find Urban Outfitters so inspiring because of their on point aesthetics, and simplistic nature. Most of the decor, I’d personally just try my hands at making, so it’s great for new ideas.

Off we went to Tandys Leather, to learn a bit about some materials needed for a few upcoming projects. 😉

Then, back to Trader Joe’s, because I’d seriously regretted not buying a bouquet of their beautiful fresh flowers. And Curly really loves me. . 


Heading towards home, we passed the Vulcan View entrance, and decided to give it a shot. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. It was right at golden hour, so I was really pleased by the photos we got.

The city is so large and breath taking, not to mention, days with him are just beautiful no matter the location.

Finally, off to Seeds Coffee Shop to finish off the night with caffeine, Trader Joes dark chocolate, and some writing. . Or so I thought—

Today marks one year. 

One year, since vowing to love you unconditionally. One year since my lips touched another’s for the first time. One year since your voice echoed that new, and instantly valued melody, which bared your soul in lyrics– the song you now repeat anytime I’m scared or out of sorts. .

// at that moment, I look up from my notebook and the hopeless romantic gibberish I was writing, trying desperately to capture my joy and overwhelming emotions. My eyes caught his and I knew something was up. (He hadn’t left to learn latte art from the barista, like I was led to believe)

“Happy Anniversary” he said timidly. I knew he was nervous, but wasn’t sure why, until I recognized the the voice singing on the coffee shop’s loud speakers. Although, this was not the song I had previously been rambling about. This was new. Softer. And spoke of our little baby.

Come to find out, Curly had previously recorded a new song he wrote for my anniversary present, got the Seeds manager to let him play it for me, AND got both of his songs put on vinyl for me to have.

He. Is. Perfect.

I know you’re itching to hear it, but I’m only releasing 15 seconds worth.

We finished the day with an episode of Bones and some sweets.

So, I’d say the day was beyond successful. Here is to the next hundred years with my beloved.


a dreamer.


2 thoughts on “Anniversary Adventure

  1. What a perfect, perfect first anniversary! I’m so glad that your Curly dotes on you the way you deserve to be doted upon — you are a lovely young woman and it makes me really happy to read how well he cares for you and how deeply he loves you. The new song to celebrate your little one – what a treasure!

    In a similar vein, I don’t know if you remember, but my guy and I celebrated our anniversary on February 22. While he didn’t write an original tune for me, he *did* make the perfect playlist for our day – six hours of music carefully selected from our 24 years together. I can’t tell you how many times I was pleasantly surprised that he’d remembered my very casually saying I liked this song or that song at some point in time – he was really listening. ❤

    I love you, sweet girl.

    Mama J

    P.S. – Do you have any idea how big my smile grew when I read your appreciation of the Golden Hour???? 😀

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