Simple Bathtub Tray DIY

I would definitely be considered a bath vs shower person. . 

Although my bathtub at the moment is a bit– itsy. But I love it just the same. 

Obviously I’ve been in need of a bathtub tray for a while, of course I insisted on making my own. They are quite simple, after all. 

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Three 27″ (or whatever length you’ve chosen, depending on the width of your bathtub) 1 x 4″ boards
  • Three 10″ 1 x 2 boards 
  • Fifteen 1″ screws
  • Wood glue
  • Hand drill with Phillips head and countersink bit
  • Sander or sand paper 
  • Stain, paint, and polyurethane 

Step 1)

Sand each board thoroughly 

Step 2)

Lay the three larger boards out long sides together   using the three shorter boards as your braces for the bottom. 

Measure the inner width of your tub and subtract 1/2″, this will be the measurement between your first and third brace. Place the second brace in the middle of the others. (Wow. Explanations are not a strength of mine! XD)

My tub has a very shallow lip on one side, that is the reason for my braces flowing more towards the left. 

Step 3)

Measure out where your screws should go and pre-drill your holes with your countersink bit.   

As you can tell, I put two screws in the top and bottom boards and one in the center. 


Step 4)

Next, glue and screw. 

Step 5)

Now you can decide how fancy you want to go here.  

(^^^ right before I white washed. To do so, mix 1 part paint to 2 parts water. Apply a coat, let dry for 3 minutes, wipe off with rag. Repeat steps until you reach your desired results. It took me 4 coats.)

I stained, “white wash” painted, and sanded for detail. Whichever you choose is fine, just make certain to coat in polyurethane for your final step, making the tray water resistant. Let dry for 24 hours to cure. 

// I plan to add handles when I find a good set.  


Step 6)

Go take a well earned bath, baby!

Until next time. 


a dreamer. 


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