Minimalist Earring diy

I’ve fallen in love with minimalist ear decor. From small studs, to bars, and thin ear cuffs.

I found this tutorial to make bar studs– so naturally.

I did change things up a bit, so I figured I’d mention my tips in my own tutorial. Also, I’ve included a simple ear cuff diy.

Win, win!

What you need:

– Metal pipping or low gage wire

– Earring studs (I popped the center out of mine and the size was perfect)

– Superglue

– Pliers

– Hammer

– Really hard surface (I used a metal block)

Basically, you cut your wire to desired length.

Hammer it out for texture.

Super glue the earring stud to the center of your flattened bar.


• Personally, I love them. The simple tutorial and minimalistic look. The only thing I wanted to point out is, super glue is strong, but it is no solder, so I wouldn’t use a very tight back to the actual earring. The tugging to get them off could break the bond. I plan to use the little rubber backs that come with nearly every pair of earrings I buy.

Now, for the cuff. I simply cut a metal loop down to my desired size and shaped it into a C shape. After, I crimped two crimp beads on the ends so the raw metal wouldn’t cut my ear.

That’s it!

So, it’s the perfect weekend diy. You should give it a try!

To a good life, my friends.


a dreamer.

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