Painted Banner // lately life

Life has been really busy recently. In a good way, of course. 

My person Jenny came and stayed with us for a week in January. 

Sissy had her beautiful baby. 

My grandparents have been staying with us for the past two weeks! Which means, many late nights and card games. 

And my brain is bursting with business ideas. 

I’m incredibly excited to see what February has in store for me and Curly. 


I was able to take some time off and do a little painting! The result, a new banner for our bedroom. It turned out exactly how I’d hoped. 🙂




 This is the third banner I’ve made. 

The first was a vertical moon phase and the second a mountain outline. 

Each banner is first hand sketched, then painted with multi media supplies. The last two were painted on canvas, but I’m pretty sure the moon phase is on a thinner linen. 

I plan to sell them once I get a few made and an etsy shop up and running! 

Anyways, that’s it. Have a good week my friends. 


a dreamer. 


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