New year, new goals, new priorities. .

I’m back. . . !

I apologize for how long I’ve been absent from this site. Truth is, I really needed to reevaluate my priorities and time management. 

After the holiday season, I was inspired anew! I’m taking a fresher outlook on life, including my business ideas. 

Now, I have “grand” plans for this year, for my entire existence, to be honest, but I do want to grasp them loosely, remembering my place. Firstly, as a child of God, second, a wife and mother, and thirdly an aspiring business owner. With that prerequisite subconsciously retained, I have entirely too much creative energy within my being, not to put it to some kind of use!

So, I’m not going to release my “Three Year Business Plan” or anything, but I do have a few New Years resolutions to share;

  • Work toward becoming a prayer warrior 
  • Establish a steady morning routine (because I am the very opposite of a morning person and could care less about the worm)
  • Read 17 books (baby steps people. .)
  • Learn guitar theory 
  • Blog faithfully 
  • Put business plan into action

There you have it, nothing too fancy. Simply things I must work on. 

So here is to long nights, tired eyes, much more effort applied, likely failures, brighter ideas, lessons learned, conquered fears, a whole lot of much needed grace, and courageously living this intense adventure we call life. 

P.s. Dream on dreamers. 

Love, a kindred spirit. 


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