Good Morning

I’m fully aware it’s not considered morning anymore, but I just pulled my queasy self out of bed. 
For a first time mother, figuring out this “morning sickness” stuff and trying to create a new routine, has proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated. 
I fear this part of pregnancy because I have such high expectations for myself as a wife. 


I trust God and pray he gives me strength, which He promises to do. 

And Curly is amazing. He makes me tea every morning, fixes his breakfast and attempts to be very quiet. I don’t know what I’d do without my dear husband. 


Moving right along. 

Last night was a spectacular adventure. 

Curly and I, along with some of our family, trucked about one and a half hours, over to Birmingham. 

There is a fantastic coffee shop that Ben (brother in law) has been obsessed with. 

Seeds Coffee. 

Every aspect about it is absolutely perfect. The decor, the lighting, the seating, the coffee, the entertainment!

And here comes the actual point of this post-

Drakeford Music. 

The whole reason we went to Seeds yesterday, in particular. 

Drakeford music is the most precious duo I’ve heard yet. They sing indie, contemporary, Christian music, that has a catchy Jason Mraz/Mumford and Sons feel. 

They’ve traveled far and wide with this ministry of music, from England, to Turkey, back home to the States, and are now located in Chattanooga, performing at coffee shops around the city. 
The two have been married for right around six months now, and are enjoying the crazy ride of life, hand in hand, focused on their Heavenly Father and His great plans for their future. 

As of right now, they’ve only released an EP called The Shining of the Sun, but are working faithfully to complete their first album. 

The lyrics to each song are phenomenal and convicting. Filled with life happenings and the vibrant light of Christ. 

I highly recommend you check them out. 

You can find them on Facebook here: Drakeford Music 

And check out their EP here: The Shining of the Sun

I pray many blessings on this sweet couple and also want to thank all of the kind souls who follow this blog and continue to encourage!


a dreamer. 


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