Goodbye September

Last month was a particularly splendid month. 

My sissy turned five, 


we had a lovely beach vacation,

 we found out I’m pregnant(!!!), 

fall of 2015 officially began, 

two days ago was National Coffee Day, 


and life is basically grand. 

Although last month was superb, all good things must come to an end. . 

Yesterday we said goodbye to September, and I cannot wait to see what October has in store. 

– Goal Lists. 


So, every month I write down a list of goals to accomplish or work toward. 

Now, not all of them are “profound” and some, not even difficult, each just something I’ve noticed I need to work on. 

It’s really a non-overwhelming  way to evaluate my character and grow in my weaker areas.  


I thought I’d start the month off right with— 



Fall spice, ginger bread donuts (gluten free) w/ cream cheese glaze.


And for the glaze;

Melt together on low heat:

3 Tb coconut oil 

2/3 Cup powdered turbinado sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla

2 Tb Butter

1/3 Cup Almond milk

2 Tb Cream Cheese 

Let cool. 

Dip and dunk the donuts multiple times, until you’ve reached your desired glaze thickness, perfection. 

I love the newness of a month.

The feeling of starting fresh, as if anything were possible. 


a dreamer. 


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