Announcing. . .

Curly and I are beyond excited to announce, we are having a baby! 

He/she, Lord willing, will arrive around late May of 2016.

Me, being the fearful one, opted to delay this announcement until the second trimester, but Curly, the courageous and faithful one, reminded me we are commanded and privileged to love this child, with faith, as long as we have him/her. 

Whether it be three months, three years, or the rest of our lives. 

So, we will celebrate this baby made with love and given by grace. 

I am bursting with joy concerning the idea of such a blessing growing inside of me. 

I am hopeful for all of the moments and memories. 

I’m already so in love with this sweetheart, I often squeal. 


More than anything else, I am grateful to such a loving and gracious God for allowing me to mother this child. 


a dreamer (and her tiny baby)


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