Don’t Vent, Get Vinted

Guys. Vinted. Okay, I admit the title was way bad and truthfully, awful advice, but come on. This app is pretty stellar. 


But awesome. 

Basically, it is an online garage/thrift-shop (stop singing) sale. 

It allows you to clear out closet space for the next season, while making money for your new season’s wardrobe! No to mention, the app itself is so easy to use. 

The Vinted designer, gave step by step instructions for each phase of listing, as well as tips walking you through the entire process. 

All items are sorted by brand and you follow each brand according to your preference and style. Some of my favorites are Urban Outfitters, Brandi Melville, Banana Republic, H&M, and Old Navy.

The app is also expanding in selections. Men and children now have their own category’s. 

Seriously, check it out. 

I scored, two pairs of Converse (both under $15) , a leather vest ($12), a denim jacket ($12), and two really nice bags (both under $15). Among other things, these are just my favorites! 

Go download the app and see what you think. 

Until next time. 


a dreamer. 


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