Inspirational Humans

For the past few weeks, I’ve been awfully inspired by these humans and their individual passions, so I though I’d share the inspo– Check them out!

Maegan Bruce, is a fantastic character who recently married her “magic man” Jared Hall. 


Their life together is filled with extraordinary experiences, to say the least, and I’m very fond of the unique perspective they have on life.   

 Maegan’s apparel is beyond wonderful. She combines simplistic, minimalist fashion, with classic, feminine pieces. Creating a chic and flawless look. 


Both Maegan and Jared work in children’s ministry, bringing truth and joy to groups of little darlings, in very unique and entertaining ways. 

I’ve been blessed by stumbling across this newlywed couple, and watching the way they take over the world, hand in hand. 

Maegan Bruce
Her Ministry
Emily Imbrunone, is a coffee drinking, hipster dressing, plant loving, city girl, who recently had the title Fiancé added to her life. 

This beaut portrays the adventure trapped in everyday life, and seems to be one of the most joyful, confident women on Instagram. Her sense of style manifests itself boldly in all of the moments she shares on social media. 

With wild smiles, an abundance of plants, latte art, and “Jo-Jo”, she portrays taking on life both fully and fearlessly. 

A great journey to follow. 

Emma Imbrunone
Her Tumblr
// There are such amazing people in the world, really. Humans following the truth and capturing the mere glimpses of splendor obtainable to us. I love seeing the works of our Lord in lives both near and far. 

Good weekend to you, lovelies. Share some inspiration. 


a dreamer.  


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