Bargain Buyer?

So, Curly mentioned the other day that I am a bargain hunter and automatically I pictured a woman holding a box of coupons, wearing a fanny pack and a visor. Probably because of a Bones episode I watched once. More or less. 


Even though I don’t use coupons often, I do like a steal every now and then. And no. I don’t own a fanny pack. In case you’re curious. 

I really enjoy buying items that are not valued by others and marked cheaply. Then making them work for my style. Repurposing most people’s junk, into my own treasure! 

I’m not weird. -.-

I’d actually like to begin a business that way. 

Collecting nice mugs, blankets, and candle sticks. Things people would normally look over, and present them in ways that develop a modern, yet simplistic design. Track down unique mirrors and lamps– books and journals. . Maybe some jewelry. Slowly building an inventory and then sell the treasures I’ve acquired over the years. I’d also like to have my own line of jewelry, dresses, and clutches. 

Pipe dream? 

Well that’s what I do. I dream. 

Sorry! Rabbit trail. Back to the bargains. 

Okay. So the pieces I’ve previously found; 

Two blankets purchased for under $5. Both perfect for the up coming fall season!

Eight cloth napkins. I love these for throwing small get together’s. They just add some thing welcoming to the table setting. $3

Mugs! I love them. Every coffee enthusiast has to have a collection. I prefer either vintage, big, or simply unique. Each of these cost under $2.

Being the cinnamon fanatic I am, I’d been searching for a suitable jar to store that heavenly spice in. 

Tah-dah! $1 baby. 

I’ve been loving gold. This mirror was perfect for above my sink to add a subtle, modern feel to my kitchen. $1

Who doesn’t need another floral dress? I plan to hem it a bit, but for $6, I can’t wait to wear it on the beach next week. 

Lastly, my favorite item is this light fixture. It is so unique and vintage, but still not too bulky. A classic piece that I completely adore. Bought for $5! Not including the bulbs. 

There are so many thrift/restore/resale shops all around. Go find some treasures. 

That’s all for now! Have a great day. 


a dreamer. 


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