currently obsessed 


my new graphic tee. It’s says “I love you to the moon and back” and it’s ridiculously comfortable. I purchased it on sale for $4 at Burkes Outlit. 

this photo of Curly. Because, obviously. 



smokey eyeshadow and messy curls. (Grow hair, grow!)


this vintage, genuine leather bag I got off vinted for a steal. 



longboarding at night with my fellas. 


our photo strip. Classic. 

// I actually collect these. I have about 40. 


“Beautiful Mess” by Diamond Rio. I may be bias about this song because Curly sings it so often. But it’s a really good song. 


“Blame It On the Stars” by Andy Grammer. This one is beyond fantastic, and I’m NOT just bias because I’m a Cancer. That is a bonus, though. 

(Credits to Rae for introducing it to me.) 

thunderstorms. my entire being reacts to them, I’m overwhelmed with a mixture of peace and anxiety. It’s baffling how versatile and wonderful the handiwork of our Creater is. 

Pretty much life, guys. It’s great. 


a dreamer. 


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