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Curly and I seem to be taking turns either getting sick or physically wounding ourselves. Which means– a LOT of home time. And come on. That’s a good thing. But the fact that we haven’t had the energy (do to ailments) to “do” much of anything, doesn’t set well with a busy body. 

So a few weeks ago, I went completely bonkers. I mean I was ridiculously stir crazy. 

I walked out to the storage building and got every piece of molding clay or clay utensils I could find. Walked back inside and plopped it on the table. 

I’d recently been planning to try out a couple of ring bowl tutorials that I’d found– so I did. 

After a few minutes, Curly was interested enough to join, because he rocks like that. 

I love how they turned out and I had a fantastic time. 


The tutorial used for the black bowl originally said “love” but the entire time we were making these, Curly had the tune “Beautiful Mess” by Diamond Rio, stuck in his head, so naturally–  


Get creative with it. They’re so easy. 

Here are a few links:

Textured Bowl
Marble Clay Bowl 

Have a good week, lovely humans. 


a dreamer. 


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