be adventurers

I have an unquenchable desire for adventure. So much so, I find it disheartening. Like a discontent mess of dreams, wound thoroughly in my being. I blame it on a fear of passing time. 

But honestly, I’m scared of living a boring life. 

How selfish of a thought? 

I am trying to reform my thoughts. Nonetheless, I still crave adventure. 

Last Saturday, Curly and I decided to picnic in our little town. After grabbing some take-out from our choice restaurants, we headed to “The Square” as we call it. Which is simply a block of buildings at the center of town. 


We found the perfect spot to sit. Against multi colored brick, underneath a store front’s awning. 


We talked of dreams and plans, current happenings, humorous tales, hefty concepts, lofty goals. We laughed and sang and even argued a little. 


A light and misty rain began to fall, accompanied by a soothing breeze. We watched the earth change colors from the moisture it received. A bold rainbow appeared, pouring peace into my soul — recognizing the promises of God and replenishing my hope in His plan. 

Afterwards, we found a beautiful,  spiraled staircase, which was an old fire escape. So, of course. We climbed it. 


Anyways. It’s nothing spectacular to anyone but me and Curly. You see, it was our adventure and I will cherish it always. 


These are the moments. The flickers of life. The seconds of orbit, that fill my soul. That remind me what it means to live. 

I dare you to find yours. They’re there. Just look.

Love, a dreamer. 


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