Chocolate Chia Seed & Mixed Berry Parfait

I found the most appetizing, breakfast chia seed parfait yesterday on Pinterest.

Of course, I’m my mother’s daughter and I can’t follow a recipe to save my life, so I changed things up a bit.

Chia Seed Goodness

Basically, I just added about ¼ cup of cocoa to the chia seed pudding, put less banana in each berry mix and added cinnamon instead of ginger to the strawberry parfait. I also used the Naked brand, mixed nuts and fruit granola.

Guys. This recipe is delicious and insanely packed with nutrients. Also, the measurements listed made enough for two large breakfast portions.


It’s so colorful! I don’t even wear clothes this bright– It is a great way to start your morning. I stayed full for so long after eating it. Chia seeds are magical little things.


With the first few bites, I attempted to be critical. Truthfully decide if I was legitimately enjoying the flavors, but before I knew it, I had eaten the entire contents of the jar. Guys. That’s a lot for me. It’s that good.


Go try it.

Later guys. . ( I promise I will stop saying guys. Heh. .)


a dreamer.


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