Personal Diet Rundown


So I have quite a few recipes to share, but firstly, I’d like to talk about my diet.

I felt like with the variety of ingredients I use, I would recieve questions concerning my choices, so why not answer them first?

I can’t really categorize my diet– it’s partially paleo, partially vegan, completely gluten free.

I’ve gone through a multitude of health issues, which was the primary reason for a diet change in the first place. But now I’ve started truly embracing the idea and got creative with it.

I aspire to be vegan. . But I’m allergic to a lot of their main sources of protein, and quite frankly. . I really like meat.

Paleo? I probably lean more towards paleo than anything else, but I allow certain grains and dairy.


  • I’m allergic to all dairy, besides organic cream cheese, organic butter, and organic greek yogurt.
  • I’m allergic to all grains, besides organic yellow corn, buckwheat, and organic rolled oats.
  • I’m allergic to all legumes, besides garbanzo beans, lima beans, and string beans. But I don’t care for the last two.
  • I cannot have any meat with added hormones.
  • I cannot have any processed sugars.
  • I cannot have cashews (which makes a few recipes more difficult.)

Moving on!

I say this mainly as a disclaimer to all of the recipes I will be posting in the future. I won’t be able to label them according to any specific diet, but I will try to include substitutions.


I’m learning a lot about living a healthier lifestyle, which is inspiring in and of itself. Because of that, I’ve had more drive to take creative liberties concerning my meal choices. And I’ve felt like a million bucks! My energy levels are elevated, nearly all of my stomach pains are gone, and I’ve become much more willing to listen to my body.

I’m not gunna lie. It took a while for me to get my heart in it, I really like my cheese burgers. Even just last night, I pitched a minor tantrum over ice-cream (a serious weakness of mine. . . ESPECIALLY in summer). But hey. I’m human and it’s a working progress.

So that about covers.

Now for the fun part!

Onion Rings, Fried Portobello Mushrooms, Chocolate Chia Seed Parfait, Protein Packed Chocolate Bark, Gluten Free Mac & Cheese. . .

Coming soon to a blog near you!


a dreamer.


4 thoughts on “Personal Diet Rundown

  1. It is such good news to hear that you are finding healthier ways to take care of yourself and that your stomach pains are nearly gone! Praying that God continues to show you new ways to prepare foods that are good for you and enjoyable, too. Love you!

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