Day thirty one 

So today is July 31st. The last day of this month. I am fully aware that I haven’t posted in nearly a week. 

I had planned great things! Photo shoots with my little, tutorials, recipes, and if I was lucky, more rainy day rambles. I wanted so badly to go out with a bang! To end the month with excitement and happy thoughts. 

You see, I was taken very ill last Sunday and I’m just now able to formulate coherent thoughts beyond medication or temperature. But I don’t really want to talk about that. 

For all who read my blog, I apologize. I pray I haven’t discouraged you in any way. 

I feel abundantly better today and I thank The Lord for it. My heart is full and I’m very excited to begin a new week with good health. Although, due to my antibiotics, I’m not aloud to be in the sunshine for twelve days. That will be a test, I’m sure. I love the sun so much and there is such an inviting breeze outside at this moment.


I refuse to become the “Lady Dedlock” of my home, always staring miserably out of the window, as if life were dreadful. 

If you’re a child at heart or possibly a BBC fan, you’ll understand my references and most likely know what movies I occupied my time with while sick. 


Lord willing, there will be much more to come. For I’m not nearly finished living, and I have a new perspective and gratitude concerning it. After confinement for nearly a week, I’m filled with this intense motivation and inspiration that is nearly bursting out of me!

You see, “To live would be an awfully big adventure”!


a dreamer. 


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