day twenty five // random valuables 

In the last few years I’ve eurged myself to collecting moments instead of items. Flares of value that steal my breath and capture my being.

While doing this month’s challenge,  I’ve noticed myself recognizing the abundance of beauty surrounding me. 

| moment. 

     waking up, in a familiar daze between reality and dream. The sound of Curly’s loving voice, paired with his strong hands bringing me breakfast in bed. It is the perfect combination to sooth any chaotic soul, from a restless night of terrible dreams. 

| moment

     The comfort of reading an older, but still powerful, favorite verse.

| moment

     The only acceptable shade of pink, in the form of cotton textured clouds. As well as my crescent moon, humbly shining through the evening sunlit sky. 

| moment

     Curly mastering the art of tickling, only to produce the most heart melting cackle, given by our nephew Jack. 

| moment

     The intro to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol, and the fact that, that particular song, may possibly be the best song produced in 2006, if not the best of that decade. 

That is all— although I haven’t even scratched the surface. 

Seize the moments. Live each second with intense purpose. Love and be loved. 



a dreamer. 


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