Day twenty three

Today I shall introduce to you my little baby succulents!

I adore every type of succulent plants. I own quite a variety as well. My first of which I named Sprightly. 

Now I have way too many to name each. 

About a month ago I didn’t think Sprightly was going to make it, so I harvested a few leaves to make baby Sprightlys– tah dah!!  

Every leaf harvested is doing perfectly! 

And, Sprightly did make it and it’s growing bigger everyday! 


I’m ridiculous. 

To grow new succulents from old plants, pick off a leaf (making sure you get the root), and let it set in a warm place until it gets limp and wrinkled (about a week). Afterward, place the leaf on the top of damp soil and spray with water every few days. I use a spray bottle and it helps not to completely soak the leaf. 

My little plants took about a month to get where they are now. Just be patient. 

I love watching the process– it makes me feel very accomplished! 😉


I wish you all a good weekend!


a dreamer. 


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