Day eighteen :: I made this

Today’s (or night’s) post is simply about what I was able to make. 

I find it extremely fulfilling to create things, especially things I’ve been planning to make for months. For example, pillows! 

Although I still have a pretty lengthy list of projects, checking off one thing, makes my heart happy. 

So, here are photos,

Rae helped me stuff them ’cause she rocks, obviously. 

The two canvas pillows are for our bedroom, so naturally, they have romantic quotes printed on them. 

I just printed out my own pictures on iron-on paper. Ta–da!


aaaaaand, I mentioned “checking off” pillows from my lengthy list, but I’m not quite finished. The photo above shows a pillow I am painting that will have a moon phase, so it’s all a working progress. Also, I found another quote I’d like on a pillow on my bed. 🙂 

// funny story. Hah. I was drinking tea while painting, and instead of washing my brush in the paint cup, I subconsciously rinsed my brush out, in my tea, after which, I began to gripe myself out thoroughly. 

Anyways. Have a great Sunday, lovely humans. 


a dreamer. 


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