day fourteen // birthday haul

Greetings fellow humans!

As promised, I’ve compiled a birthday haul listing each item I bought as well as their prices.


Firstly, I must warn you about the extensive amount of photos. I got a little carried away—


This, obviously, is the cutest man alive, demonstrating how to use the camera remote.

Moving on. It took me a while to actually began purchasing anything, because I am extremely indecisive, as well as use to thrift store prices.

Although, finally I made my first selection;

a black maxi dress with cream colored aztec design, placed horizontally down the entire dress. The back has a crocheted detail, connecting the arm and neck seam, in a razor-back type fashion.

$8.00 from Target

I would normally pair it with a leather vest or comfy sweater and sandals.

image17 image16


I bought the very definition of a perfect cardigan.

It was quite pricey, but I’ve wanted it for a good while now. It came from Urban Outfitters


image20 image19




I hit Gap. They were advertising a pretty large sale! I wouldn’t have normally, as I am not very familiar with this store.

I purchased two dresses.

One is a great staple dress. Solid white, knee length, with pockets!

The second, is a tee-shirt dress, baggy, 3/4 length sleeves, also with pockets! (this one is my favorite)


White dress: $8.00

Tee-Shirt dress: $17.00

image12 image10


Above, I show three different ways to style such a staple dress.

image22  image23

This dress is a bit too short for my comfort and modesty convictions, so I’ve paired it with some cut off jeans, than added black booties.


I got a bit carried away. . . I really like this dress.

Afterwards, I browsed Ross. I usually find quite a bit of treasures there, but this time I left simply with a long and baggy V neck tee that Curly picked out. I love it because it’s long enough to wear over jeans, which is also something I prefer for modesty reasons.



(my puppy wanted to be in the photos 🙂

I then went to Old Navy in hopes of finding black sandals, but instead I found the adorable black booties shown in the photos above, as well as a baggy striped shirt, which I was specifically looking for. Although, the sleeves were kinda awful. So. I cut them off. Problem solved!

Each item cost: $8.00 (Right?!?)

image27 image5

The photo below shows a simplistic necklace that is extremely easy to make and completes nearly any outfit! A friend of mine thought of it and I just had to copy. Merely find a thin long chain, and tie a knot at the end. Equal to perfection.


Lastly, back to Target we went, where I found this adorable scarf and since I am obsessed with words, I had to get it. 🙂



Finally, my Little bought me a cardigan that is fabulous. Flowy, thin, and slightly on the fancy side to dress up any outfit!



that’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this post and are inspired to create cute, cheap, modest outfits (and spend all of your money). Just kidding!! Birthdays are just a good reason to splurge, but we must be good stewards over our money, right?

Glad we agree.

Until next time.


a dreamer.


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