Day thirteen 

hello friends. 

So today was quite—

a day. 

Nothing too serious happened, I did the usual– cleaning house, folding clothes, etcetera. 

I spent part of the afternoon planning outfits out of some new pieces of clothes I got, that was fun. 

The ladies of our church had a small fellowship at my mom’s house. We played a question game, involving an old hat and a bunch of random thoughts from each soul who attended. I really enjoyed that. Hearing every persons point of view or answer. I like to see how others minds process questions and formulate responses. 


I do hope to do a birthday clothing haul soon. 

I received a lot of snail mail from my person in Texas, which was pure gold. 

My mind is quite scattered and my thoughts are very random and raw. 

So I will leave you with this. 

Something to hold on to, 

“God is good, all of the time. And all of the time, God is good.”

Even when I doubt. Even when I fear. Even when I’m wrong, or mad, or lost, or confused. The truth shines through and stands strong. 

Goodnight, lovelies. 

A dreamer. 


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