Day six. 

I missed yesterday’s post due to such a busy Sabbath. We had the usual Sunday service as well as a funeral and dinner afterwards for the family. 
Most of the day is a blur..

I do remember seeing a large oak tree plastered with signs and fliers heading to the grave site. This particular tree captured my attention because I’ve heard it mentioned often in conversations others have concerning directions. I’m not sure why, but I feel quite partial to this tree. Possibly because Oak trees are one of my three favorite trees. Maybe even the first on my list. 🙂

I also remember the way the air felt during the ceremony. My entire family (on Curly’s side) was asked to sing throughout the funeral. 

My breath. Goodness, my breath was completely stolen the moment the hearse arrived. We were singing “Shout to The Lord” while walking slowly toward the grave site. The crowd followed. A cool breeze with light rain accompanied as well. 

I can’t even explain the feeling of that moment. Chill bumps covered my body and a rush of joy consumed my soul. 

Lastly, I remember a strong man. A man filled with integrity and courage, sat humbly on a piano bench. Curly’s side of the family is very blessed with talent in music, so after dinner, we sang praise songs, played instruments, and passed the time. This man, who had just four days prior, lost the love of his life, was singing his heart out, praises to the Almighty! I caught his glance one or two times, and he just smiled a little larger than I realized possible for such a time of ones life. 

This man hurts, yes. He will have a time of mourning and tears. But he continued to sing. 

I barely knew the sweet soul who passed on. Although, I know this: She left behind a beautiful legacy that was solely focused on Christ, the supreme Healer, the Maker, the Protector. 

She will be remembered as a humble, meek, and courageous prayer warrior. 

Even after her death and even though I had only meet her twice in my life, this strong woman impacted my heart in a way I pray I’ll never forget. 

|| Today was a perfectly average day. 

 You know, comprised of abduction by our favorite couple, eating Chipotle at ten o’clock at night, and of course, taking advantage of the fact that we were the only four people in the theatre. 

Now for a few random photos of the day, please enjoy. 

My husband is the coolest.
Goodnight lovelies. 

a dreamer. 


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