Day two. 

Day two.
Hello lovelies.

Today was Curly’s day off, meaning we didn’t do much more then rest. But because of my challenge I have a few photos, as well as some daytime tellings to share–

// It was about what four o’clock before we finally drug ourselves out of the house and decided to do something with this day so free of plans. So off to town we went.

Not needing many groceries, I packed books, our portable speaker, a blanket, and my guitar– which makes for splendid picnic material.
After stopping for food, checking my favorite thrift shop, and arguing a little, we found ourselves at this beautiful park. It was simple and perfectly placed beside a river, with railroad tracks set between the sparkling water and green grassy field.


We laid out our blanket and absorbed the evening. I read aloud, we sang along to music, we talked and laughed, played guitar, watched the storm clouds roll by, and even danced a little.

I love time alone with Philip. Especially when there aren’t many plans involved and we are able to memorize each other more thoroughly.
Now we are headed home and watching the beautiful moon the whole way back, and I’m very much looking forward to my pajamas and tea.

Goodnight friends.


a dreamer.


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