Stir Crazy

My poor curly headed love has been sick for nearly two weeks.

Between filling up cups of water, handing over doses of vitamins, and making an unlimited supply of chicken noodle soup from scratch (have I mentioned how unpleasant I find the smell of boiled chicken), I find myself completely stir crazy!

My head is buzzing with ideas for this blog, tutorials to begin, recipes to write out, and decorations to create.

Finding a place to start is proving itself a little more difficult then I’d hoped. But– I’m determined. Which is good.

You see, yesterday, I had a very discouraged spirit. I found myself overwhelmed by my goals and aspirations, making it nearly impossible to complete, or really begin anything!

After having a minor major pitty party, in the arms of my honey, he helped me sort through my ideas, while reminding me of the time that is involved in anything with potential greatness.

I recently read this quote on pinterest (yes, I’m that kind of girl), that said;

Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I said, I’d rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity.”

Feeling all puffed up and noble, I recited this to my husband, while he was reminding me how to eat an elephant.

To which he humbly pointed out, that I seemed to be choking–

Good point. God has perfect timing for everything. And His order is great. Without that very order, no “greatness” will ever be obtained.

I thank God that I have such a wise husband to calm the chaos inside of my wonder-struck mind.

All of that said and done. Now, I’m working on many neat projects to share soon.

I hope you will enjoy them! But first things first, I must go finish the chicken noodle soup that has decided to boild over.

Until next time, live extraordinarily.


a dreamer.


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