Hello world!

Here it goes.

I’ve considered starting a blog for a while now. There are many various reasons why I’d like to have one, but I wanted to be serious about it. I wanted a blog filled with integrity and happy thoughts, without worrying about the response I could receive.  Also, I was afraid I wouldn’t be diligent. That I’d let it slip and become just another abandoned project.

Out of fear, I’ve procrastinated.

Until now.

I will write, even if I merely have my adoring husband, encouraging sister, and fantastic friend reading it. I will post planned pieces. I will scribble random thoughts. I will display pictures of spontaneous trips with my curly headed, kind eyed husband. I will allow “dreamer&curly” to be a sounding board of the life I have so graciously been privileged to live.

I want to to document all the crazy dreams, failures, ramblings, ideas and concepts my life holds, for those who are interested to read, even if that means just my children (Lord willing).

I want to learn and grow. Share ideas. Create beautiful art. Discover breathtaking poetry. Having somewhere to share it all. With no word count or restrictions of genre.

I want to once again sell one of a kind pieces of art and jewelry, in which case a blog will be very useful.

But beyond all of that. More than just sharing a poem, or fancy diy. I want to inspire.

Sound cliché? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

I want to remind others what it is to dream and dream in all sizes. Proving, adventure and ecstasy live in even the most mundane of days. I am bound and determined for my life to be an example of the abundant ways, each precious moment given, can be used productively, creatively, and extraordinarily.

You’re welcome to tag along, if you’d like!



a dreamer.


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